Prícipe William e seu Herdeior: A História de dois nascimentos reais (VIDEO) -

Today the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, celebrates his 31st birthday. But soon after that, he will be celebrating something even greater, fatherhood. It's rumored that the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, is due to have her child in less than a month. And she has chosen to have her baby in the same wing of St. Mary's Hospital in Paddington where Princess Diana had Prince William. So in the spirit of the soon-to-be born heir, we look back (and forward!) at the royal birth.


At the time of Princess Diana's newfound motherhood, the People's Princess was having great issues with then-husband Prince Charles. She faced battles with depression and the growing demands of royal life. But with the birth of her two children, Prince William and Prince Harry, she discovered a new source of happiness. Her two sons, coupled with her charitable outreach, offered a great deal of solace. But Diana had a difficult time escaping and dealing with the other side of the spotlight.


An inside look at Princess Diana the mother:


As Kate Middleton nears motherhood, she appears elated and excited. Despite having faced her own issues with both the royals and the paparazzi from the start, Kate has managed to turn the spotlight to her advantage. And with a recent change to British law now allowing both newborn boys and girls to inherit the throne, the Duchess of Cambridge can rejoice knowing that whether it's prince or princess, her child can end up being King or Queen.


An inside look at the wedding of William and Kate:


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